Powerpoint Presentations that MiXue gives.

联络米雪 如果你要她为你安排以下的讲座,并请其他讲员

Contact MiXue if you would like her to arrange for these talks to be given for you and your group by different speakers.

1.不会失败的信心 —  有缺陷的信心和有效的信心区别何在?

1.  Faith that will not Fail – What is the difference between defective and effective faith?

2.放下幼稚的东西 – 在基督里成长是什么意思?

2.  Putting Away Childish Things – What does it mean to grow up in Christ?

3.给你的孩子一份永恒的产业 – 第一部分 —  基督徒母亲教养孩子有何不同?(从出生到成人)

3.  Giving Your Child an Eternal Inheritance – part 1 – What difference can a Christian mother make in raising her children? (from birth to adulthood)

4.给你的孩子一份永恒的产业 – 第二部分 – 为青少年预备心田

4.  Giving Your Child an Eternal Inheritance – part 2 – Preparing the soil of a teenager’s heart

5.特殊需要家庭的人生阶段 —  教会能如何支援有特殊需要的家庭?

5.  Stages in the Life of a Special Needs Family – How can the church support families with special needs?

6.基督徒分类 —  如何对她的生活作出合圣经的决定?

6。Christian Triage – How can a woman make Biblical decisions about her life?

7.  作善工 – 耶稣要我们作什么善工?

7   Doing Greater Works – What greater works did Jesus ask us to do?

8.单身女性 —  预备结婚之时,也善用单身年华

8.  Single Ladies – Preparing for Marriage while making the most of the single years

9.妇女和神的话 —  今日教会在何处受到最大的攻击?

9.  Women and the Word – Where is the greatest attack on the church taking place today?


While the actual power points will not be translated, MiXue plans to write articles summarizing each talk perhaps by the end of 2012.