About Mi Xue


I have known Mi Xue for almost 45 years, and have been her husband for nearly 42 of those years. I have seen the wonderful work of God in her life up close and personal, and I have been blessed so much by it.


Mi Xue is the oldest of five children in her family and when I first met her as a student at Stanford University she was strong and confident, because she was a philosophy major and was very intelligent and informed about issues concerning life. I remember going to movies with her, and being unable to talk about these issues at the same level that she was on. Since then, with her deep understanding of God’s Word, she has become wiser about life’s many challenges than any woman I have ever met.


After Mi Xue’s conversion to become a follower of Christ, she has struggled with the difficult commandments of God. Through the years I have seen her bend her will to God’s will, one issue at a time, and through it all, I have seen God reward her trust in His Word. She has been a loving and sacrificing mother to our three children, and a wonderful friend and helpmate to me as a wife. My friends say that the best thing I ever did in life was to get her to marry me. I am indeed very proud to be her husband.


Mi Xue is fun to be with because God has given her a life that produces thanksgiving and future hope. She has many friends that love her because she always gives to them the love that God has given to her. She beats me at puzzle games, still loves to discuss meaningful movies, loves my Barbecue cooking, and makes me laugh by being very funny and witty. Her life is an example of what the Spirit of Christ can give to a person.