Wonderful Mother’s Day idea!

我受一位在美国留学的同学之托,帮她买了三本,都已收到,非常感谢!下面是我同学的留言反馈:“ 再过几天就是母亲节了,我给妈妈买了这本书作为给她今年母亲节的礼物,希望她会喜欢。我在美国留学时信主,上帝的恩典给了我新的生命。我非常希望能和家人分享我的见证和体会,但是多年在国外,一时不知道怎么和家人交流谈心。米雪的这本书成为一个很好的契机。我计划和我的妈妈一起读这本书,然后一起讨论里面涉及到的话题,关于家庭、亲子、事业、抉择、矛盾等等的话题,都很贴近我们的生活,我也可以有机会分享我自己的亲身经历;同时,书里引用圣经的部分,也可以作为我们一起读圣经的开始,学习聆听上帝的话语。我很期待,希望这本珍珠项链,可以成为我和我的母亲一起开始编织我们的珍珠项链的开始。”
(Translation: At the request from one of my friends who studies in the US, I bought three copies of the book for her, and received all of them. Thank you very much! Below is the feedback from my friend:
The Mother’s Day is just a few days away, so I decide to buy this book as Mother’s day gift for my mum in China, and hope she will like it. I became a Christian when I was studying in the US, and by God’s grace He gave me a new life. I very much hope to share my testimony and thoughts with my family, but found it hard to talk about these across half of the globe. This book by Mi Xue comes at the right time. I plan to read this book together with my mum, and then discuss about it, the topics concerning, family, parent-children relationship, career, life choices, struggles, are something that we all experienced and have something to say, and it opens up opportunities for me to share my testimony as well. In the meantime, the parts in the book that reference Bible, could be a starting point for me and my mother to read Bible together, and learn to listen to God’s word. I hope, that the book of A Pearl Necklace, would be an beginning of the pearl necklace that my mother and I make together. )

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